23 December 2016

Face Study

Model: Dajana Rads
48 minutes on Adobe Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 4L.

12 September 2016


I was busy, so I had to skip some days, sorry. It's not as easy to commit to sketching -decently- every day as I thought it would be.

05 September 2016

sketch-a-day4 (scarlet heart)

Done while watching the K-remake of Chinese tv drama Scarlet Heart. Total guilty pleasure.

03 September 2016


The "let's break seyhan's block" challenge continues. This time one quirky boyfriend wanted to be painted and I happened to really like the ref picture (he's mimicking the redhead), so here it is. I edited his photos out from the screen caps.

02 September 2016

red girl

I did a reverse image search but couldn't find out where I got the ref. image from, sorry. Occasionally I come across interesting faces which I'd like to paint. This was one of them. 1 h on PS cs6. The brush I used is the 50 px one (changed the size obvs.) here.


I will be doing sketches, or brave enough, illustrations everyday from this day on. There's no other way to break this artist's block of mine.

20 mins. sketchbook pro.

01 September 2016

3-month sketch dump

Sorry for the quality, apparently I forgot the scanner setting at 100 dpi. No editing.

29 January 2016